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- Guk-Hyun Cho
82 - 62 - 9727750

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DreamSys is a company that manufactures and exports porable skin care devices.

Starting from the product development phase, we analyze everything about skin for women all around the world before we develop and export our products. 

High quality LED application Beauty equipment adhering are exported to markets around the world. Our company is loved all over globe especially in Singapore and Malaysia.

As a next generation driving force, we are trying merge LED and cosmetic devices.

Using high quality cosmetic devices, we will always be a good partner for women and will continue pursuing innovation untill every woman can feel happy about their skin.


DREAMSYS manufacture skin care devices and export to overseas.

For technology for our customers, customer satisfaction“Business”,We can dothe under the slogan and is committed to continued value creationalways look to do the best in product development and customer service.
We will become DREAMSYS to reciprocate the support of customers.

Patents & Certificates


-2012.03.02. Launched
-2012.05 Obtain a patent of skin care apparatus-2012.05 ISO9001 certified
-2012.06 Approval of venture company
-2012.11 Acquire FCC, CE
-2013.02 Approval of R&D department
-2013.04 ISO 14001 certified
-2013.06 Specify promising export firm (Gwangju Jeonnam Small Business Administration)
-2014.04 Patent(skincare massager)
-2014.05 Program registration(2014-01-0799)
-2014.12. C.E.O was awarded Trade prize
-2015.03 Acquire CE, FCC (CHAT-BLANC)
- 2015.04 Obtain a patent of skin care device (No. 10-1515571)

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